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Selecteum des Arts et des Sciences

In this area of the world longing for knowledge and culture, Dédé Hourani founded in 2008 a centre whose target is to be permanently at the service of culture and its promotion.

Our ambition is dedicated to the diffusion of culture and promote our cultural community working for the interest of everybody and generating a productive investment in all the cultural fields.

The “Selecteum des Arts et des Sciences” aims to expose the multicultural heritage which represents the vary foundations of the Lebanese social structure. It offers a diversified program of classical music concerts, contemporary music and Jazz concerts, poetry, musical evenings, conferences, book signing, documentaries and movie clubs.


The “Selecteum des Arts et des Sciences” offers concerts, classical song recitals and musical evenings where musical works, presented as live performances or on screen, will be commented and discussed by musicians and music-lovers.

Classical music being at the heart of its cultural activities, the “Selecteum of Arts and Sciences” has set up a chamber music named “Quatuor Musique del Tempo” that will give concerts drawn from a repertoire of western classical music or Middle-Eastern oriental music. 


The “Selecteum des Arts et des Sciences” will hold conferences given by professionals on various topics relevant to archeology, anthropology, history, art, music, literature, philosophy, religion, science, medicine, or issues related to current events (social, economic, etc.).


The “Selecteum des Arts et des Sciences” will organize book signing events for Lebanese and foreign writers alike, as well as round tables that bring together writers and readers.


The “Selecteum des Arts et des Sciences” will hold exhibitions on sculpture, old books, ceramics and earthenware, handicrafts, carpets, jewelry, etc.

Jounieh . Kaslik . Building 54
P.O. Box 1208 Jounieh 

Phone: +961 9 644987 
Fax: +961 9 642987