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Welcome to “Selecteum des Arts et des Sciences” !

The “Selecteum des Arts et des Sciences” is a Lebanese Cultural Center devoted to create a space that brings together artists, thinkers and music-lovers.

The “Selecteum des Arts et des Sciences” aims to expose the multicultural heritage which represents the vary foundations of the Lebanese social structure. It offers a diversified program of classical music concerts, contemporary music and Jazz concerts, poetry, musical evenings, conferences, book signing, documentaries and movie clubs.


Located in Kaslik, the “Selecteum des Arts et des Sciences” is registered at the Ministry of Culture in Lebanon as a cultural center and private museum. It consists of two main halls, Johann Sebastian Bach hall and Wassily Kandinsky hall. Each is equipped with a concert piano, an acoustic and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. The Center also features a rich multimedia library. This cultural project brings together the cultural community in Lebanon and its counterparts from around the world.

The “Selecteum des Arts et des Sciences” invites people from all social levels to share and contribute in their capacity as members in this cultural endeavor.

Welcome to “Selecteum des Arts et des Sciences”,

Welcome to the “Cultural Network without Borders”!


Wassily Kandinsky Hall

Johann Sebastian Bach Hall



Dédé Hourani Private Museum

The Private Museum Dédé Hourani houses a vast collection of world art of archeology, icons, artifacts and old books illustrating and documenting the story of human culture from its beginning to the XXº century and showing in meantime the art works of the contemporary artist painter Dédé Hourani.

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